Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the Old and in with funtabulous Halima


Goodness am so pumped about the new year. But first an apology to my followers for being MIA.
I pray that all of us enter the new with good health because without good health we will not be able to enjoy and rejoice into 2010.This year am starting a fresh because am the kind of lady that likes to do start new things on the first day of the month( am not sure if it is OCD). I have being thinking about my blog and youtube channel while i was away resting. I have a basic idea of what i really want my blog to be about. I have not officially introduced myself to you ladies and you deserve to know about the blogger your following.

Hi my name Halima Bepo and I am a 21 year old lady from Nigeria. I am currently in Arizona state on my Year abroad program. I am a Management & Logistics student . Now about me

  • I am always smiling/laughing even when its not appropriate( i really cannot help myself).
  • Am very neat.
  • I love to travel but hate the process of getting there.
  • I have a love hate relationship with food and no i do not have an eating disorder.
  • I love neutral colours but recently fell in love with purple and yellow.
  • I have natural hair that's jet black.
  • I am muslim. 
  • And this is stating the obvious I love MAKE UP AND EVERYTHING ABOUT SKIN,HEALTH,HAIR,NAILS.
  • I can be a talkative and be a quite lady which depends on my mood.
  • I like to galavant a lot thats why i go out most of the time alone, very few of my friends can handle it.
  • I have a thing for photography.
  • I send my time on the internet but it does not affect my life.
  • How could i forget this i love to sleep thats my #1
Am going to stop here and hopefully as the year goes on you ladies will learn more about me.

Till my next post stay pwetty.

African pout kisses to


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