Friday, January 22, 2010

OMG i went nude

Lipstick by Mac-Spirit
Nars lipgloss-Stolen Kisses

Hey Pwetties

I have always wanted to try the nude lip thing but nothing ever worked because i have two toned lips (pink ad black lip colour). All the beige and caramel lip products i tried always look weird and ashy. Am such a die hard, i never give up on stuff especially when i really want it, i keep looking till i finally find what i want. The lipstick& gloss look pinkish but thats what works best for me as a nude colour because i have dark lips the pink in the product blends properly. The lipstick is a satin finish so it glides on smooth and the gloss ladies is funtabulous its my 1st Nars lip product and am in love its really really soft and long lasting.

Till my next post

Stay pwetty


  1. got ur link frm blogsville gist, then i watched ur utube channel and was like wow, u used so many stuff and still wound up lookin natural. i'm so stalkin ur blog frm now on!

  2. Aww thank u so much.Hope to wow you more and your definitely welcome to stalk

  3. Came from Gist, loved your picture over there. I'm going over to check your channel. I love your make-ups.


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