Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair craze

Alllooooo my Pwetties long time no blog. I have been in my Lab injecting rats with toxic am joking before the vultures attack me for murder. Anyway moving on i have a sudden obsession with my hair and if you read my last post i mentioned i had natural hair. Ever since i moved to Arizona i have spent more time on the internet than i ever have in years. Youtube is my main playground and i do not know if its me but there is a natural hair revelation going on amongst black people. Its like everybody especially African American's are accepting the natural beauty and quitting on the "creamy crack" which am very proud of.

I have not always had natural hair, i have had permed hair for approx. 4  years of my life put together. The reason why i went back to my natural hair is because my hair was not finding the perm funny, it changed from jet black to brown and no matter how i tried to treat/care for it, it would still break and if there is one thing that can send me into depression is my hair breaking. So i chopped it up after 2 years of getting a perm, then 3 years later i permed it AGAIN worse mistake of my life but i do not want to talk about it.

I have had my natural hair for about 2 years now and loving everything about. I personally think its less stressful than when i had a perm because i do not have to put in extra time to look after it.

My hair dairy is really boring am sure you girls are expecting some story about how my family did not like when i cut my hair or my boyfriend broke up with me because he thought i was ugly and so on,well am story to disappoint you but i do not have any hair drama (seriously thou its only hair). Recently i learnt a lot about the products we put in our hair and how the chemicals in them affect our hair and blah blah. So i decided to research more about hair products and came across OYINHANDMADE..again if you follow me you would know how much noise i make about their product. Seriously Ladies their stuff is the ish my hair has never been so happy.Its like my hair went into rehab and came out like a brand new person confident and strong lol i refer to my hair like its a human being. My hair represents me so its important for me to feed it with the right stuff.

My hair routine

  • I only shampoo and condition my hair every 2 weeks(poo bar &honey hemp).
  • Deep condition every month with olive oil mixed with my honey hep.
  • I oil my scalp with (burnt sugar).
  • I spray juices and berries in the morning to add moisture to my hair without it shrinking the hair.
  • Sometimes i use olive oil or bio oil to add a tab bit of shine.
And thats all that goes into my hair, I believe in keeping things simple.Am currently on a no heat challenge which has been going very well (3 months no heat) i feel my hair looks healthier and stronger and i have not missed my dryer which is good given that i never use to air dry my hair. I will be keeping you updated on products that i have found that are health and chemical free but if your thinking of trying oyin there have sample packs that are reasonably priced. the site out its really interesting.

By the way meet Fluffy the cap.

Till my next post stay pwetty


  1. OMG your hair is huge!!! *in love*

  2. lovely!!! u n fluffy are my inspiration

  3. i luv yur hair!!! my hair used to be that way but i relaxed it under pressure!!! and its even cutting!!


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