Thursday, December 24, 2009

Forever on a quest

Hi, am Halima and am a recovering MAC COSMETICS ADDICT lol.

This is a very late post and you can blame it on youtube and my lazy ass.So i ordered Heavenly Naturals 10 electric pigments as one of my more to come birthday gifts to myself. At first i was excited about that i had new make up,but when i opened the package all that faded. To be dead on honest with you ladies i was a bit disappointed with the product and i have smacked myself for giving into the hype on youtube(if your ever wondering where i am, check youtude).

So the pigments were not as pigmented as i imagined them to be because i really had to pack it on to get good colour pay off,as you can see from the pictures there look really bright and attractive. I tried two different bases (select cover and a MAC paint) but still was not pleased with it ( i should try them wet).As for pigmentation ermmmm not so fascinated or maybe i should just pick experimenting with other types of bases till i find the perfect match. Personally i would not purchase them again unless there is an improved formula.

Am still going to play around with the pigments and maybe somehow or someday i will fall in love with them.

I had to swipe it 5 times to get this much colour.

Till my next post stay pwetty.

Pray that my love blossoms with my pigments because i think we can have a happy ever after relationship.


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