Thursday, December 24, 2009

Forever on a quest

Hi, am Halima and am a recovering MAC COSMETICS ADDICT lol.

This is a very late post and you can blame it on youtube and my lazy ass.So i ordered Heavenly Naturals 10 electric pigments as one of my more to come birthday gifts to myself. At first i was excited about that i had new make up,but when i opened the package all that faded. To be dead on honest with you ladies i was a bit disappointed with the product and i have smacked myself for giving into the hype on youtube(if your ever wondering where i am, check youtude).

So the pigments were not as pigmented as i imagined them to be because i really had to pack it on to get good colour pay off,as you can see from the pictures there look really bright and attractive. I tried two different bases (select cover and a MAC paint) but still was not pleased with it ( i should try them wet).As for pigmentation ermmmm not so fascinated or maybe i should just pick experimenting with other types of bases till i find the perfect match. Personally i would not purchase them again unless there is an improved formula.

Am still going to play around with the pigments and maybe somehow or someday i will fall in love with them.

I had to swipe it 5 times to get this much colour.

Till my next post stay pwetty.

Pray that my love blossoms with my pigments because i think we can have a happy ever after relationship.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My no name tutorial

Here Pwetty people, how are you all doing? Hope your holidays are going as planned. This is my latest tutorial hope you love it. So i have been thinking about ideas for my blog aside upload tutorials from my youtube channel. I have a few ideas but would love to hear yours.

Please feel free to ask any question on make up and beauty in general(I have a thing for skin and healthy ways to maintain it) not to show off but i have being playing with make up for as long as i can remember and trust me i have does days when i looked like a crazy person. Hope to here from you soon. Till my next post.

Stay Pwetty

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oldish Stuff

    Fresh nudes

                                          Pink Ribbon breast cancer awareness

                                              Green make up for Nigerian independence

                                          Bee dazzle 1  Bee dazzle 2

These are some of the tutorials i have done in the past on youtube click on the link below the pictures. Hope you ladies and guys enjoy watching them (FYI my editing skills are horrid so please bare with me).Also please leave a comment, i like to know what my followers have learnt from me(self satisfaction is what i would call it).I plan  on attacking this blog over the holiday with as much information and tutorials as i can.

I might have weekly polls so you can request or suggest what you would like me to blog about next.

Disclaimer-every product on my blog and youtube channel have been purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Stay Pwetty

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not so fancy for a 1st blog post

This is my first time writing or blogging so please bare with me.Personally blogging is not my thing (but i enjoy reading peoples blogs) i am more of a talker than a writer.I see myself as a weird person with an imagination that people would never believe is from the cute lady with a charming smile(i like to flatter myself). My blog is going to be very girly(mostly make up gist) and sometimes utterly random but don't blame me like i said before strange imagination but not to worry i will not scare you away.

Hmmm that was not so bad but do not except this writing all the time.

O one more thing my real name is HALIMA not PWETTYBAMBI...i am not a celebrity baby with a dodgy name.

Stay pwetty

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